Our vision and values

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Our values and beliefs are central to all aspects of the service we provide:

  • Children should be cared for in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment that promotes their learning and development and provides opportunities for play based peer group fun.
  • Parents should have access to high quality and affordable childcare that does not require compromise, fits in with normal work hours and minimises stress.

Stimulating the Mind

Educational programmes are carefully planned each term, and are specifically tailored for the different age ranges. Children will enjoy a range of subjects from art to music, science to languages and literacy to numeracy.

Invigorating the Body

In the morning, children will have a special ”Wake Up” exercise session.  In the afternoon children take part in a range of thirty minute aerobic exercise sessions incorporating a range of exercise programmes.yellow

Just Having Fun

The children have free play sessions, with their peers inside and outside using a range of equipment.   The equipment is carefully selected by age range and aims to provide fun as well as learning possibilities.

Time for a Break

Healthy minds and healthy bodies need the right fuel.  Children will be provided with breakfast in the morning and a range of nutritional snacks with either milk or water at end of the day.  The snacks consist of fresh or dried fruits, savoury biscuits and protein or bread and protein.

Keeping Children Safe

Regular risk assessment of safety and security ensures that robust processes are in place for when your child is in our care.  All our staff members are checked in line with government requirements, and no unqualified member of staff is ever left on their own with the children.

Working with the School

We work in partnership with the school to ensure efficient communication of any child related educational issues.  We also make a financial contribution to the school, which the school can then use for the benefit of the children.

A Familiar Environment

Basing our service on school premises ensures that the children are cared for in a familiar environment, alongside their friends and with WrapAroundCare4u staff and Teachers Assistants that they know.

All inclusive fees

We believe that an all-inclusive fee provides clarity and helps us manage parental expectations.  All activities and elements of the service will be available to all children.  No child will be excluded, and there will be no hidden extras.green

In addition, as a registered provider of childcare you will be able to use your tax efficient vouchers, and where applicable tax credits, to help with the cost.

Freeing up quality time

We know how difficult it is to juggle childcare and work, and so we have included homework, reading and exercise within our carefully designed curriculum, to enable you to spend quality time with your child at the end of the day.

Working with Parents

We believe that open communication with parents, is an essential part of the success of our service.  We welcome feedback, and have dedicated email and telephone lines as well as a comprehensive website.

Investment in our Team

We pride ourselves in the quality of our childcare and education knowledge, qualifications and the business expertise of our senior team.  All of the team are handpicked for their qualifications, skills and capabilities.  We place a strong emphasis on team working and training and believe in retaining our staff.

A senior member of the team is always available and ready to answer parent queries.