Applying for a Place and Fees

Affordability: All inclusive fees

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We believe that an all-inclusive fee provides clarity and helps us manage parental expectations.  All activities and elements of the service will be available to all children. There will be no hidden extras.

In addition, as a registered provider of childcare you will be able to use your tax efficient vouchers, tax-free childcare account and where applicable tax credits, to help with the cost.

We offer a 5% discount for siblings.

All regular fees are payable monthly in advance. ¹

To apply for a place please

  • register on our online booking system and
  • email the appropriate site to say whether you require regular or ad-hoc bookings, as they will advise on availability.

Our Online Booking system.

Note ¹: Extra sessions and ad-hoc bookings are payable in advance of the sessions.